Linda Lousse is a passionate Franco-Moroccan creator of caftans, takchitas and evening dresses. Her meticulous creations of exceptional quality and entirely hand-made make each one preciously unique.
His know-how and his mastery of delicate embroidery teaches the inspiration of the “hand-made”.

Linda draws with a stroke of a pencil and thanks to her agility she makes a remarkable work fall by working with precious materials. The softness of the satin, the brilliance of the crystal beads and the lightness of the preciously chosen fabrics make his work a perfectly singular piece.

It is in a vast space in a showroom in the heart of Paris that Linda offers these exclusive private creations and meets you to accompany you in the choice of your Caftan or evening dress.

This is during her many travels and strolls along incredible places that she founds the perfect materials for her creations, among tissue shops, and that will enable her to enhance beauty through fashion.

She is inspired by nature. She gets shapes and colours in it and its many expressions. It helps her making atypical and radiant creations.

Linda is influenced by her travels, her unexpected meetings and her passion for flowers.

This process feeds her passion and her ambition to see beauty and charm’s sparks in women’s eyes.

All women are beautiful and deserve the perfect dress, the one that will enhance their beauty and singularity.

It is for these women that Linda imagines and creates. With one stroke of a pen, she breaks tradition’s codes but keeps the original spirit of the caftan. Light, shinny, soft, with modern and delicate shapes. Linda modernise the caftan, the feminine body, and enhance it.

What is her special touch? Her passion for noble materials, for French haute-couture (such as Yves Saint-Laurent) and her fresh look on traditional outfits.

Russia, North Africa, huge places and flower fields, Linda finds her inspiration in any places. Each universe has its nuances and colours that makes Linda transported and share with fashion lovers. Chantilly laces, embroidered with crystals, pearls, satin, silk…

Linda Lousse offers women the best attires. Nothing is too big to make women feel like princesses and make them dream.

As in a magical world, Linda, with her nimble fingers, shakes her pencils and needles as a magic wand to transform modern women and turn them into princesses. She’s putting sparks in their eyes, as when they were children dreaming about Prince Charming.

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Tailored for you


Linda Lousse’s creations of caftans, takchita and evening dresses are available for you, with your exact body measurement.


The caftans, takchita and dresses of Linda Lousse are available for rent, if you like a model do not hesitate to make an appointment.


Your choices of nuances associated with your singularity and imagination for a haute couture creation handmade to your image.

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The combination of know-how and the art of embroidery for a dress of very high quality.

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No matter the occasion, we all have to be most attractive in an evening dress. My expertise are at your disposal and I will accompany you in every step so that you can shine during your special evening.

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I know that our wedding day is one of the most important days of our life and that we all want to be at our best. That’s why I accompany you in your choice, your world and readjust everything to your measurement and make the dress of your dreams.

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