Your creation for a night
Linda Lousse realizes a real work of art, each dress, takchita and caftan is unique and made entirely by hand with the best and high quality materials. The making of dresses and caftans is made in a traditional way and remains a unique piece as a true work of art.

Linda Lousse dresses are available for rent, if you like a model do not hesitate to make an appointment.


1. Select the design on the website

Linda’s caftans, takchitas and party dresses are only part of her collection. Regularly new dresses come to enrich the collection before being referenced on the site, so do not hesitate to ask for an appointment!

Linda Lousse dresses are unique, they only exist in one size and with one colour, but we can adapt it to your morphology, up to 2 sizes!

To give you a certain idea of the renting budget, here is a price range: for an invited outfit and depending on the complexity of the design, the price can vary between 120 and 180€.

For a wedding outfit and depending on the complexity of the design, the price can vary between 200 and 380€.


2. Book an appointment for fitting

The showroom is open from Monday to Saturday and the fittings are only by appointment.

The fittings are a privileged moment, during which we devote ourselves entirely to you. The fittings are intended to allow you to choose and rent the right dress for your event.

The dresses are fragile and precious pieces, fittings are free but are limited to three outfits. We do not offer appointments just for trying on our creations, so it’s important for you to be with the person who will decide or help you make your decision and provide the specific date for your event.


3. Book the dress for your event

You found the perfect caftan, takchita, or dress for your event but you are afraid the it might not be available for the date of your event. Do not worry, you have the option to reserve the dress of your choice for the day of your event even before going to the fitting. To do so, you jut need to pay 20% of the rental amount online when booking for fittings. Without the reservation fee, we can not guarantee the availability of the dress for your event.

When the fitting process is finished, you can book the outfit you want by paying the total renting price with a cheque or cash. All our renting prices include professional cleaning services. However, to make alterations on the outfit, there will be an extra cost which will be communicated to you during the fitting and will be added on top of the rental price.

Deposit cheque: the amount can vary depending on the outfit (wedding caftan, evening dress…) and will be communicated to you during the fitting process. The cheque deposited at the time of the reservation or the withdrawal of the dress, is not debited.

Return of the deposit cheque: Upon return of the creation, if the outfit does not present “stubborn” stains (coffee, oil, henna …) or is not damaged. If necessary we reserve the right to wait for the creation from professional cleaning services.


4. Collect and return your order to the show-room

Your dress will be available for collection the day before your event and must be returned the next day.

For all events on the weekend the dress must be collected on Friday before 12:00 PM and returned on the Monday following your event before 12:00 PM

Otherwise, you will be charged an additional € 20 per day.

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The combination of know-how and the art of embroidery for a dress of very high quality.

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No matter the occasion, we all have to be most attractive in an evening dress. My expertise are at your disposal and I will accompany you in every step so that you can shine during your special evening.

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I know that our wedding day is one of the most important days of our life and that we all want to be at our best. That’s why I accompany you in your choice, your world and readjust everything to your measurement and make the dress of your dreams.

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